What does it mean to be a Soft Girl?

 Soft girl means being comfortable with being too ‘girly’. In this day and age, people seem disrespect being feminine, but soft girls love being cute and feminine. Soft girls wear whatever they want, not caring about whether its too ‘girly’. 

The Makeup

1. Hair Accessories 

20 inspiration of Soft girl makeup you can do in 2020 | Edgy makeup, Indie makeup, Artistry makeup

2. Eyeshadows have pink undertones. They wear light colored or nude lipstick with a lot of blush.The Definite Soft Girl Fashion And Aesthetic Guide | Kawaii Haven


3. Heart doodles under their eyesAesthetic Makeup Looks Soft Girl Makeup - Largest Wallpaper Portal


The Fashion

The fashion of an soft girl is inspired by pastel goth, cottage core and kawaii fashion. 

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