What does it mean to be an E-Girl?

 The term ‘E-girl’ is a shortened version of ‘Electronic-Girl’. The style is a mixture of a plant mom aesthetic and a gothic aesthetic. The style became famous due to TikTok, but the style dates back to 2014 in Tumblr. The style is a mixture of being nerdy while sultry yet dark. The ‘nerdy’ aspect of an E-girl consists of being interests in video games, anime, and Japanese music.

The Makeup

1. Colored Hair (Split)

What is an Egirl and the Egirl Aesthetic | CitizenSide

2. Bold eyeliner & blush on the nose with dark lipstick. Doodles near the eyes are common.

E GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE Bio | Wiki | Templates and stuff Amino

3. Ahegao Face

LUCAS HYPE - E-girl by vict☯️r_z$

The Fashion

The fashion of an E-Girl is inspired by gothic, scene, anime core fashion. 

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